IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
15-19 April 2019 // Marrakech, Morocco
Touch through Wireless

IEEE WCNC 2019 Best Paper Selection

Track 1

Title: Cooperative NOMA via Bilayer Factor Graphs
Authors: Bing Dong, Shaoguo Wen, and Zhongwei Si

Title: Design of Spiral Constellations for Phase Noise Channels
Authors: Alessandro Ugolini, Amina Piemontese, Thomas Eriksson, and Changhao Du

Title: Rate Splitting Approach Under PSK signaling Using Constructive Interference Precoding Technique
Authors: Abdelhamid Salem and Christos Masouros


Track 2

Title: Backscatter-Aided Relay Communications in Wireless Powered Hybrid Radio Networks
Authors: Wenfan Chen, Wei Liu, Lin Gao, Shimin Gong, Chengming Li, and Kun Zhu


Track 3

Title: Cloud-Enabled Radio Resource Management for Co-Operative Driving Vehicular Networks
Authors: Prajwal Keshavamurthy, Emmanouil Pateromichelakis, Dirk Dahlhaus, and Chan Zhou

Title: An Eavesdropping and Jamming Dilemma when the Adversary might be Subjective
Authors: Andrey Garnaev and  Wade Trappe

Title: Reuse Maximization Using Multi-Level Interference Mapping in Small Cell Networks
Authors: Aysha Ebrahim and Emad Alsusa


Track 4

Title: Optimal Interference Management, Power Control and Routing in Multihop D2D Cellular Systems
Authors: Ahmed Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, Telex M. N. Ngatched, and Octavia A. Dobre

Title: On-line Client Association Scheme Based on Reinforcement Learning for WLAN Networks
Authors: Mohamed Amine Kafi, Alexandre Mouradian, and Véronique Vèque